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Opportunity to learn, network & grow in the times of crisis.

We're living in this time where everything is falling apart. Coronavirus is spreading very rapidly all over the globe, everywhere around the globe the states & nations are under lockdown, people are losing their jobs & lot more. 2020 seems that it's not the best year so far, at least not the way we expected it to be. But if we look at the bright side this can be a blessing in disguise.

Before Covid-19 devastated the whole planet, when things were normal like before, when you didn't have time for that side hustle you've always wanted to do, when you weren't able to spare that extra hours to learn the skills you've always wanted to learn & upgrade yourself & the list goes on and on. Well guess what? now that you've been forced to stay inside your house You've got plenty of time to invest in yourself.

We're living in the age of the internet where information is at the tip of our fingertips. Google is there to help you out with whatever you need to know about. While there's ton of stuff from which you can grab knowledge from sitting in-front of your screen, there are also equal amount of stuff which can distract you from gaining that precious knowledge such as wasting your time in binge watching endless amounts of Netflix shows or scrolling the Instagram feed wasting your time looking at memes & cats.

Instead of wasting time in the things which doesn't help you grow, focus on things through which you can grow. Investing in yourself in times like these is the best thing you can do to grow. In today's article I'm going to share with you 5 things which help me in getting closer to my goals & growing mentally, physically & financially. Let's dive in.

  1. Learning new skills - You don't need to go to college or university to learn new skills (unless it's related to medical field or something which requires a degree to work). Websites like Udemy & Coursera are great resources to learn new skills online without spending hell lot of money. Udemy has great sales on courses which you can get on a very reasonable price. I personally use Udemy to learn skills such as Music Theory, Coding, Game Audio & lot more. YouTube is one of the best & free platform to watch informative & educational videos about your skills.

  2. Practising Your Skills - If you don't practice what you learn you can't achieve your goals. Give time for practicing your skills, at least minimum of 2 hours a day will take you to a next level in months of consistently doing it. Plan out a schedule before starting your day and keep yourself distraction free. With 100% focus & attention to your work you can achieve great things.

  3. Exercise Regularly - Taking care of your physical health is as important or even more important than your financial health. If you don't have a good health, lots of issues might start appearing in your body. You can also be a victim of depression & other mental health related issues. Doing regular workouts for minimum 20 minutes daily will help keep your body fit & healthy & it will optimise your mind to work in its optimal state.

  4. Become Part Of A Community - Whether it's a community of friends around you who are into the same field as you, or an online community such as forums, facebook groups, Instagram etc. When you connect with a community, you get to learn lot of new things. There's a healthy competition between each other in a community which helps you in growing. A community also helps you in choosing what's right & wrong. You can take help of your friends with something which you're not sure about.

  5. Building A Network - There's a saying that "Your network is your Net Worth" & I strongly believe it. Specially if you are planning to start a new business by providing your creative services to your clients or whatever it is, you can't just sit inside your cave & expect that people will magically come to you & pay you money. No, it doesn't work like that. You may say that in times like these where we have to maintain social distance, I'm asking you to go & mingle with people. No, I highly recommend that you don't move out of your house in this situation & maintain social distance with others. But we have an alternative, which is the internet. You can share your work, your lifestyle, your behind the scenes & whatever you want to share. This way you can build an online presence. You can also make new friends, collaborate with them, work with them, the possibilities are endless and there's no geographical barriers on the internet. That's the beauty of internet.

These are the five very basic but very crucial & important things that you can follow & grow. Whether you want to grow your creative business, your skill or your career these points apply to every scenario. You have great potential in you & you have enough resources available through which you can achieve great results and it all starts with your Mindset.If you have the will to do something, you've already won half of the battle.

All the best for all your aspirations & goals. Will see you around in the next article.

Have a great day.

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