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Raji: An Ancient Epic

Game Sound Design/ Music Composition

Worked on designing the soundscape and a couple of soundtracks of Raji: An Ancient Epic, developed by Nodding Heads Games. Apart from designing and composing, I also designed the audio systems inside FMOD linked to Unreal Engine for a realistic adaptive audio experience of the game.


Game Sound Design

I got this amazing opportunity of working on the sound design of DC League Of Superpets videogame published by Outright Games
This game was developed by Ogre Head Studio as a white label project. Ogre Head Studio commissioned me as a freelance sound designer on the project. I designed all the sounds in the game, from UI to all boss fights


DC League Of Superpets Game

Background Scoring

I participated in a background music scoring competition organized by Spitfire Audio in collaboration with HBO's West World Series. Spitfire provided the un-scored footage from West World series. I composed the background score for this short footage from the show.


Background Music Scoring

Yodha Trailer Sound & Music Re-Design

Trailer Sound & Music

I was really fascinated by the work of Ogre Head Studio on Yodha's trailer that I tried re-designing the whole trailer's sound & music.
I took the footage of Yodha, stripped down all the audio & music from it and I composed new music & designed new sounds for the trailer.


Game Sound Design & Music

I got connected to this really talented game developer Neeraj who was working on this beautiful casual Android game based on space adventure. 
I helped in elevating the sonic experience of the game by designing sounds & composing the soundtrack for this game.


Space Adventure - The Rocket Game

Videogame Game Music

Worked on this game with a bunch of amazing people from Greece as a part of online Game Jam. I was responsible to compose a short soundtrack for the game. We had limited time, so I had to compose the soundtrack within two hours. It was a fun experience.


The Enemy Of Mine - Game Jam Project

Short Film Sound Design & Music

In 2020, when the Corona Virus stunned the whole world, Studio Desk Animation studio from United Kingdom invited all the animators from around the world to create short clips based on their daily lives in the period of lockdown. 
Studio Desk Animation invited me to collaborate on this project to work as a sound designer & composer.


TRISHNA - Short Film

Flatten The Curve - Short Film

Short Film Sound Design & Music

Trishna is a short film directed by Udbhavi Updhayay. Udbhavi approached me to collaborate on this short film as a music composer & sound designer. 

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