Deadstar Audio is an initiative by Raunak Barde.


Deadstar Audio provides music composition and sound design services for different types of media such as games, films, TV and lot more.

Since childhood, Raunak has a fascination in music. From an early age he used to experiment with recording his original songs on his elder brother's computer. That fascination led him to pursue his higher education  in audio engineering.

Raunak is a Pro-Tools Certified User & Apple Certified Logic Pro X User with an experience of mixing audio in 7.1 & 5.1 surround on Pro-Tools.

Games and Films were a major part of Raunak's childhood. Music on these games and films always moved him, that's when he realised that he wanted to become a music composer and communicate through music.

Raunak has worked with some indie game developers from India as a music composer & sound designer.

Apart from this, Raunak is also associated with his ambient music project called Lunar Waves.

The main motto of Deadstar Audio is to provide expressive & emotive music & audio content which the visuals alone can't deliver. 

If you feel that Deadstar Audio can help you out in any possible way, please get in touch. 

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