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Deadstar Audio is an initiative by Raunak Barde.


Deadstar Audio specialises in  providing music composition and sound design services to game developers, film makers & companies who need audio branding for their brands.

Our unique services for interactive media such as video games sets us apart from others.

We provide specialised services to game developers where we design interactive audio & music for games. We have expertise in tools such as Wwise & FMOD for interactive game audio.

Apart from games & interactive media, we offer our services related to music composition & sound design to linear media such as films, animated short-films, Commercials etc.

We believe that audio is the most important pillar which helps in the storytelling process of any visual content.


Our aim is to provide the best audio content to the artists who would like to work with us  which will help them in achieving the best possible outcome with their art.

An artist understands another artist.

So you can put your trust in us & we'll make sure that you get the best music & audio needs fulfilled.

Thank You.

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